About me

I have 12 years of experience in the Software field, focused on using Oracle and C++; and 2 years as Game Development. During my career I had the opportunity to manage successful projects with game, softwares, mobile and more. However, In the last 2 years I have been focusing in my Game Design skill and development of games with an indie team or as freelancer, which some of my games are: Wheels of Fate; Crackinho; Antares Realm, Realm Racers, Space Hell and more. In fact, I have been working in all this projects as Game Designer, designing game docs and improving overall use of existing games; Game Developer, programming mechanics, AI, UI and More; and Technical Artist, creating shaders with Shader Graph, Building light or creating particles.

I have been creating software’s in many fields since 2005, for example, ERP for companys, monitoring systems for ATMs, APPs for IOs and Android, web pages for eCommerce, Automatization of process  and Games. Some of this softwares are: White Wolf – Email Reader, ForEx Software, CoinIn Software, HESS Daily Report, ERP modules and HESS Uptime Panel. Some other projects was realized as freelancer developing webpages, apps and softwares.

For all this projects, I worked with some of the following library’s: Irrlicht, QT and boost for C++; Smarty, PHPMail, Composer, PDO for PHP; PhoneGap for Apps; Unity and Unreal for games. For my side project, I started to directed some short films, like Peccum; created some photo shoot, sexy shoot, books and more; worked as Designer, creating logos for HESS Latam, PromoSys and more; and I have been improving my drawing skills.

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