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Space Hell

12 de December de 2017 by

Travel through the space with precise movements to survive in this bullet hell. Every patter has a solution and fight the first mini-boss of this game.

Responsibilities: Game Design, Gameplay development and Shader Programming


Moviment : W, A, S,  D to move the spaceship / Space to shoot / Shift to charge a powerful shoot

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Realm Racers

12 de December de 2017 by

Race between realms with the best of your skills and the crazies tactics. Everything, on the rhythm of the music.

Responsibilities: Game Design, development of AI, gameplay, shaders criation and light
Artist: Jonas Durão


Movement : W, A, S, D move the kart / Esc to pause the game / Turn the smartphone to turn the Kart on Mobile

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11 de December de 2017 by

Many ages ago a war between the gods broke out by the title of god of gods. After much bloodshed, the gods decided that their familiars would fight to decide the next god of the gods.

Responsibilities: Game Design, development of gameplay and UI
Artist: Jonas Durão


Movement : A and D to move  / W and S to adjust the cannon / Esc to pause the game

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Contra Vs Kirby

11 de December de 2017 by

Kirby was one of the cutest and friendly creature in the world until all the Angry and Sadness of the souls the he devoured corrupted him and now our heroes need to fight him and save the world.

This game was a prototype for a 2d game and still a work in progress.

Responsabilidades: Gameplay development


Movimentos : W, A, S, D to move / Space to jump / Esc to pause

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Gravity Falls

29 de May de 2017 by

Land you spaceship in the platform and save the astronauts. Go to fast and you kill them; Land outside the platform and you kill them. But Don’t worry, everything will be fine.

Responsibilities: Game Design and gameplay Development
Artist: Jonas Durão


Play Now Online

Or Download:

Windows Version ( 82 mb )

Mac Version ( 87 mb )

Linux Version ( 88 mb )


Movement : W to activate the rocket / A to rotate left and D to rotate right / Esc to pause the game

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The Falcones and Canada

7 de February de 2017 by in category The Falcones tagged as , , , ,

Hey my beautiful family,


It’s a very happy time for me in this new beautiful blog because it’ll be my first post in English for you all. Probably, some stuff here won’t make sense to you since I never posted here before and my personal youtube channel is pretty much in portuguese. Anyway, it’ll settle a beginner for all this madness.

If you’re new here, my name is Julio Cesar, game designer, developer and a bunch of others stuffs. In fact, you can say that I’m a Jack of all-trades and I use this page to show my portfolio, talk about my work, articles and some day-by-day of my life. Trying to help myself and others that got here by some search engine.

However, around a year ago, I put everything in hold until I could organize my life to move to another country. Yeah guys, I moved from the Carnival in Brazil to the Frost lands of Canada, and it was a hard task because most of the time I was working to save a little more for this travel.

Even with my bachelor in Game Design and post graduation in Cinema, I decided to move here and start a new College in Video Game Design and Development at the Toronto Film School College.



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Cascade Craze – Global GameJam 2017

23 de January de 2017 by

Game created with a team for the Global GameJam 2017 where the objective is use your 4 powers to fight the waves of enemy’s. Each destroyed enemy creates a wave that destroy nearby enemy’s of the same type.

Game created in 3 days.

Responsibilities : Shaders ( Not Released ), Player control and shooting system


Play Online Now


Windows Version ( 53 mb )

Mac Version ( 58 mb )

Linux Version ( 59 mb )


Movement : W moves forward / S moves back/ A moves left and D move right

Change Weapon : 1 use fire bullets / 2 use earth bullet / 3 use wind / 4 use water

Shooting : Mouse Right button

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13 de January de 2017 by

Game of the hangman, a very popular game in Brazil where you need to guess the right letters and find out which word is there.  This Game, launched in 2015, is made to work on smartphones and Tables, this games works with IOS, from Apple; and Android, from Google. It’s free-to-play where the player receive coins every right word gives some coins that can be used to play again, remove the last letter or get another hint. Another feature is that the game has integration with the makor ad system for apps on the market and bring random ads to display every 3 right word; and the player can buy new coins to help inside the game.

This project was made for the company App Appeal where we made all the Game Design and the development. In this way, just the design and art was requested to another team.

Language: bt-BR_on
Technology: PhoneGap e Javascript


  • Integration with ads networks
  • Integration with Apple Store and Google Play
  • Free-to-Play
  • Coins for new Trys, tips and erase the last letter
  • Works with IOs and Android

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Click Brain – A challenge to your mind

13 de January de 2017 by

Puzzle game made with the intention to stimulate the fast thinking and the memorization of patterns, always using the best gameplay of the touch screen. The main difference of the Click Brain is that it uses electronic music and puzzle gameplay in 24 phases separated by 3 different modes. This games has English, Spanish and Portuguese languages, has a ranking system and achievement system.

Languages: bt-BR_on bt-ES_on bt-USA_on

Technology: Unity 4.5, Javascript, C# and 3D Max


  • 24 phases
  • 3 types of Level
  • Ranking System and Achievements

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13 de January de 2017 by

3D Real Time Strategy Game made in 2010 with Unity3D for PC, I manage all the group and was responsable by part of GameDesign and programming of GamePlay, mechanics, UI and AI. The story of this games is about a universe that merged with 2 others, that fusion started a war between them and just one will remain in the end.

Languages: bt-BR_on

Technology: Unity3d, Javascript and C#


  • Real Time Strategy
  • Creation of Bases and units
  • Advanced AI
  • Phase system
  • Mission system

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