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Hey my beautiful family,


It’s a very happy time for me in this new beautiful blog because it’ll be my first post in English for you all. Probably, some stuff here won’t make sense to you since I never posted here before and my personal youtube channel is pretty much in portuguese. Anyway, it’ll settle a beginner for all this madness.

If you’re new here, my name is Julio Cesar, game designer, developer and a bunch of others stuffs. In fact, you can say that I’m a Jack of all-trades and I use this page to show my portfolio, talk about my work, articles and some day-by-day of my life. Trying to help myself and others that got here by some search engine.

However, around a year ago, I put everything in hold until I could organize my life to move to another country. Yeah guys, I moved from the Carnival in Brazil to the Frost lands of Canada, and it was a hard task because most of the time I was working to save a little more for this travel.

Even with my bachelor in Game Design and post graduation in Cinema, I decided to move here and start a new College in Video Game Design and Development at the Toronto Film School College.


And it’s reason for you to move?

Yes and no, yes because It was a old dream of mine, I always wanted to study and work in another country for more then some months and maybe find my way in the Game industry. In Brazil, the game industry virtually doesn’t exist and most of the people need to work in an Indie team.


Together with this, my previous job and most of my clients were going from bad to worse, the financial crisis struck most of them in such way that they weren’t calling me anymore or just closing their doors. So I decided to anticipate my plans and start a new life somewhere else, somewhere where the industry wasn’t bad and had opportunities for immigrants.


Nowadays, I have been studying at the Toronto Film School and on my free time working for Omescape as game designer, developer, design and everything else that you could think. All this stuff have been forcing me to create new stuff and improve my portfolio in the process.


Just as base, since I got here I created 3 small games, where 1 was to the school and 2 others for game developer events. Together, I created some 3d models, digital drawing and a bunch of small games  that I’ll put here on my portfolio someday.


Nosso time na Global Game Jam 2017

Nosso time na Global Game Jam 2017

And What else?

I still not sure in what all this english post will lead me to, but I’ll try to create good articles in english in the same pace that I create in portuguese. It’ll help to improve my english and help other people discovery my name in the future, this is an important step if you want someday to work in the industry.

However, it consumes a relative amount of time because I can’t just translate literally and sometimes I need to create a new one, like this one where I talk about my old projects in portuguese and introduced myself in english.

I have bigger plans for this blog, my channels, future games and more. However, everything will depends on the feedback and how we grow in the next couple of months/years.
See you soon family.



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