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Software developed to help users to create and send packs with comics to my other project, Wolfnime, this software has some features that organize, create tags for pictures, zoom in and zoom out.

The main difference between MangaViewer and other softwares in the market is that it’s totally focused on commics, making easy to anyone access them favorites commics in Wolfnime read them , create tags and send them own work.

Current Version: Alpha
Languages: bt-BR_on bt-USA_on

Technology: C++, QT4 and PHP Webservices


  • Import and export commics packs
  • Create tags and separate pages by predefined types
  • Zoom in and Zoom Out
  • Page Sort

To do

  • Communication with Wolfnime
  • Upload of user work’s
  • Syncronize of the Wolfnime tags with the local tags
  • Plugin system
  • Chat with other wolfnime users

Manga Reader

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