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Webpage created to help users to read and share commics around the web. Like Manga View, that page is totally focused on commics and all features was thought to help users enjoy this world. Now days, this project has a older version in production and we are developing a new one much more modern, friendly, with support for mobile and support for others social medias. This new version will change all the way that Wolfnime works.

Link:  http://wolfnime.com/

Current Version: 1.0 Alpha

Languages: bt-BR_on bt-USA_on

Technology: PHP, Javascript, Jquery, CSS, HTML, WebServices and FFMPEG


  • Web view for commics
  • Comment System
  • Search System
  • Upload System
  • Admin Tools
  • Mobile Support
  • Open the page for other user publish their work

To do

  • A better administrative system
  • Support for official commics selling
  • Better Reading System
  • App for mobile

Old Version

Current Version


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