Falcone Engine

Falcone Engine is a game engine that I was creating to test game technics and create some small games using it, I stopped this project for now but I have plans to back with it in the future. It has a integration between some API to make everything works well, it uses Irrlicht for graphycs, Bullet for physics, QT for interface and Lua Bind for Script language.

Current Version: Pre-Alpha

Languages: bt-BR_on

Technology: C++, QT5, Irrlicht, Bullet and Lua Bind


  • Support for Script Language – Lua
  • Support for some 3d model files as Quake 3 Models and Direct X Models
  • Support for basic Physics like box, spheres, players and complex models
  • Save and Open Projects
  • Stop and Play preview
  • Visual Editor
  • Visual Grid

To do

  • Better support for models
  • Support for animations
  • More script functions and events
  • Better physics support
  • Input Support
  • Stand alone to run the projects after export it


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