Hess Uptime Panel

Page created with the objective to monitor all Hess Latam machines in field today, this panel works almost in real time getting all status and check if this is working well. That interface reorganize itself when any machine change the status, making all the offline and without connection to show at the first part.

To get all status, we created a job that run in background and access the machine webservice, this webservice has all details to validate the hardware and software; and with the current status, the software, sends a email to all admin users alerting about the status change. This software model was chosen to allow the panel works fast on the monitoring Screens.

Current Version: 1.0

Language: bt-USA_on

Technology: PHP, Javascript, Jquery, CSS, HTML, WebServices e Jobs


  • Monitor in Real Time of all Machines
  • Job Process
  • Using of Ajax to update the screen without reload it
  • Filter by client




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