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The Falcones and Canada

7 de February de 2017 by in category The Falcones tagged as , , , ,

Hey my beautiful family,


It’s a very happy time for me in this new beautiful blog because it’ll be my first post in English for you all. Probably, some stuff here won’t make sense to you since I never posted here before and my personal youtube channel is pretty much in portuguese. Anyway, it’ll settle a beginner for all this madness.

If you’re new here, my name is Julio Cesar, game designer, developer and a bunch of others stuffs. In fact, you can say that I’m a Jack of all-trades and I use this page to show my portfolio, talk about my work, articles and some day-by-day of my life. Trying to help myself and others that got here by some search engine.

However, around a year ago, I put everything in hold until I could organize my life to move to another country. Yeah guys, I moved from the Carnival in Brazil to the Frost lands of Canada, and it was a hard task because most of the time I was working to save a little more for this travel.

Even with my bachelor in Game Design and post graduation in Cinema, I decided to move here and start a new College in Video Game Design and Development at the Toronto Film School College.



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